Any high quality casting begins with a high-quality Moulds. This concept is clearly embodied in our mind so we have invested in new Disamatch 20 x 24 Molding Machine.with automatic core setter. Molds produced in this line has exceptional dimensional accuracy & superior surface finish.


  • Moulding cake size – 610 x 508 x 150- 200 mm
  • Mismatch – 0.15mm Max
  • Speed 160 molds/hour without core
  • 120 molds/hour with core


In order to optimize the working of the Automatic High Pressure Moulding Line, the Company has also installed a state-of-the-art Automatic Sand Plant which incorporates:

Disa SAM 3-40mixer with SMC (Sand Multi Control ).

T30 Ton /hour sand plant with complete dust collection system.


Maxwell Auto components has melting capacity of over 70MT of Iron per day. The Company has installed InductothermTRIi TRAK plus furnaces which utilizes the latest technology in its power & control system to apply melting power to two furnaces and holding power to another furnace, simultaneously to ensure close to 100% efficiency during the melting process.

  • Inductotherm1MT/ 1000 KW TRI TRAK .
  • FOSECO INITEK CONVERTER PROCESS for S.G Iron Treatment.The INITEK process controls the level of oxygen in the melt and maximises metallurgical consistency

Key benefits of FOSECO INITEK Process:

  • Higher casting yield, lower scrap rate, higher productivity
  • Maximized as-cast mechanical properties
  • Machining benefits
  • Consumable cost savings
  • Lower metallic charge costs
  • Lower Mg addition
  • Optimized inoculation practice
  • Extended refractory life
  • Less MgS/MgO formation - cleaner iron of a higher fluidity
  • Better managed pouring operations
  • Shorter pouring times
  • Lower slag build up on refractory & stopper rods (maintenance benefits)
  • Lower melting and pouring temperatures (energy savings)
  • Pouring of thinner castings
  • Improved refractory life


At MAXWELL AUTO COMPONENTS, we believe that the key to producing metallurgically sound castings lies in ensuring that the metal used is of the perfect composition. Our laboratory has most advanced equipment for determining chemical composition,

  • 28 Elements Latest Spectro Lab Model from Spectro- Germany for determining precise chemical composition
  • Microscope with Image Analysier and Photographic attachment.
  • Fully Equipped Sand testing facilities Including Wet Tensile..
  • Detailed chemical analysis
  • Hardness ,Tensile Testing facility.


Shot Blasting – Disa VP-14-238 Shot Blasting – Disa VP-14-238 De - Risering - Wedge Cutter machines
Type - Overhead Monorail Hanger Blast Cleaning